Since its conception in 2001, It'sQA has operated using the sustainable GLOCAL model*, therefore minimising travel whenever possible by using highly skilled and independent local resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic is imposing extended travel restrictions, even within a country, as well as limits on large gatherings in offices. For ITsQA this represents an opportunity for further establishment and development.

We are used to working from home and are creative when formulating audit plans to identify those parts that can be conducted remotely and those that require a site visit. When site visits, and therefore close human interaction, become essential, ITsQA consultants observe strict hygiene rules to minimise the potential transmission of the virus.

Explore our global coverage and consultants' skills in an interactive map and get in touch to discuss how we can support your auditing needs with on-site and remote auditing

*GLObal reach & loCAL presence